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About Us

MEURadio-Athens was launched on December 15, 2017 by the Athens-Clarke County High School Completion Initiative, Inc. (HSCI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping youth complete high school and pursue post-secondary opportunities. We are committed to playing music that is free of profane, misogynistic or derogatory lyrics. Our desire is to use Music to Educate and Uplift our community. MEU Radio-Athens and our flagship show, Education Matters, are programs designed to train youth in the field of digital broadcast media. Youth learn to produce, host, research, edit, and write audio programs. They also get the skills to operate a radio station.  A big effort is made to play music from local artists. Music can be submitted in mp3 format to To learn about HSCI click the "Find Out More" button. 

Our Top Shows

  • Education Matters (Mon. 5:30 PM & Thurs. 10 AM)
  • The Hip Hop Educator (Fri. 10 AM)
  • Scriptures of Hip Hop (Mon. & Thurs. 9 PM)
  • DJ Kidd (Sat. 3 PM & Wed. 4:30 PM)
  • Straight Outta Athens (Tues. & Fri. 10 PM)
  • The Spirit of Sunday (6 AM - 3 PM)
  • Rock 10 (Sun. 3 PM & Wed. 10 AM)
  • Chill-Out Vibes (Sun. 4 PM - 12 AM) 
  • Down N Dirty (Mon. - Sat. 12 AM)


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Your contributions will help emphasize the importance of education, support our youth journalism initiative and provide youngsters skills to become successful adults.  

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MEU Radio-Athens

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MEU Radio-Athens

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